1. General Provisions

1.1. The Administration reserves the right to make any changes, updates on the server without prior notice to the Players.
1.2. Administration in the right at any time, without explaining the reasons, stop granting access to the server to a specific user or to the network as a whole.
1.3. The administration reserves the right to intervene in the course of game and forum events at personal discretion.
1.4. Administration is not responsible for the loss of game assets, etc. as a result of ignorance of the rules of the game and the rules of security of using the game service.
1.5. By registering the account, you automatically agree to these rules and agree to comply with them.
1.6. Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility for their violation, the player must independently monitor the changes in this agreement

2. Gameplay

2.1. It is forbidden to use the software (or distribution of information about it) that affects in any way the operation of the server or the game process.
2.2. It is forbidden to use game bugs or server software.
2.3. The player is obliged to immediately notify the Administration of a detected bug, error, lack of play or server software. And also about the infringer using similar errors. Hiding this information is regarded as complicity.
2.3.1. It is forbidden to use and disguise gaming values ​​and money (RMB and gold), directly or indirectly received as a result of using third-party software. In the event of such a situation, the player is obliged to immediately report a violation of the Administration.
2.4. It is forbidden to use abusive language, insults, threats of violence or physical violence, abuse of relatives or people close to players or provocation to such insults, advertising of drugs, pornographic materials, propaganda of intolerance towards racial, national, religious , cultural, ideological, sexual, linguistic or political affiliation, and encourage such actions and statements made by other players.
2.5. It is forbidden to use any obscene, offensive words and symbols in any form in the names or descriptions of characters, guilds and other game objects.
2.6. It is prohibited to flood (repetitive or meaningless messages) in a game chat (general, commercial, clan, world or private).
2.7. It is forbidden in the game and forum creation of names of characters, names of objects, in-game objects, containing obscene language, insulting other players.
* The Administration reserves the right to give its own final linguistic assessment of the correspondence of any phrases and words in paragraphs 2.4 to 2.6, and an assessment of the severity of the violation under clause 2.7
2.8. It is forbidden in the game and forum to create names of characters, names of items, in-game objects of communities and players' organizations and any other insignia indicating the membership of the Administration,
2.9. It is forbidden in any form to advertise and disseminate information about third-party Internet resources.
2.10. It is forbidden to hack, fraud, unauthorized access to someone else's game account. Intentionally mislead other players in order to gain access to their accounts.
2.11. Trade in game values ​​is carried out directly by the players themselves and any mistakes made by participants in trade relations remain on their conscience.
2.12. Trade in game characters and accounts is prohibited. The trading of game values ​​for non-gaming monetary units is prohibited. Transfer of gaming accounts is prohibited. In case of detection of the fact of purchase / sale / exchange / transfer, the player's account of the intruder will be blocked.
2.13. It is forbidden to intentionally commit any actions that make it difficult or impossible to access the game for other users, creating in the game intentional interference for other users not provided for by the available gameplay (PC-Player Killing on the server is a game moment and not penalized, stipulated by this paragraph).

3. Guilds

3.1. Players have the right to create, delete, manage guilds unlimitedly at their discretion.
3.2. It is forbidden to use ambiguous, offensive, provocative titles and avatars in the symbols and names of the guild.
3.3. It is forbidden to use names and avatars indicating the ownership of the Administration in the symbols and names of the guild.

4. Interaction with the administration

4.1. It is forbidden to contact the Administration or the GM server unless absolutely necessary. Any appeal to the Administration should contain a clear statement of the player's problem. Before applying, check to see if your question has been raised in the game forum.
4.2. It is forbidden to disrespect, slander, threaten, blackmail and deceit the Administration, discuss the actions and work of the Server Administration, both on the forum and in the game.
4.3. It is forbidden to wrangle with the representatives of the project and to challenge their actions.
4.4. It is forbidden to pester the Administration with questions that do not concern the game process.
4.5. It is prohibited to publish or divulge correspondence (or its content) with the Administration or GM without prior approval.
4.6. In case of disagreement with the actions of GM, the player can write a complaint to the support team. The complaint should be stated reasonably, without emotions and violations of the remaining rules, and must also be confirmed by a screenshot or video file.

With the system of punishments and fines can be found in this thread

This site and the server in no way refer to LLC "", Astrum Online Interteinment Limited, Pekin Perfect World Co. If you want to play the full version of the game, then you need to go to the official server of LLC "" Our server is demonstrative and uses an updated version of the game.

By connecting to the server, browsing the site and using it, you remain a guest of this resource, have the right to be on the resource and use the resource, connect to the server and stay on it until you violate any of the conditions or rules described above.

The Administration reserves the right to amend the set of rules without explaining the reasons and purposes of these changes.