Donate is a system of a voluntary donations aimed at the keeping and developing the server.
ThePW server as any other free project needs the material help for developing and covering the expenses. You can contribute by replenishing the account.

When doing remittances you agree that this voluntary donation is a gratuitous help to the server and it can not be returned under any circumstances. Replenishment of your game account with CubiGold is a reciprocal gratitude from the side of the administration and it is based on the formula – 6 rubles = 1 CubiGold.

Gold will be automatically accrued during the period of 30-40 minutes from the making of the donation. Payment state «Successful» in the case of the Webmoney will be shown in 1-2 minutes, in case of bank cards Visa/Master card up to 15 minutes. If during the 40 minutes you will not get your CubiGold in the game shop you need to connect the support.

All possible variants of the payment.

To make a donation, you must login to your account.