How to get on the board of honor?

Dear players!

Each of you can help us in developing the server and take part in increasing the online on our server. One of the ways is to vote for our server in the Tops of the game servers.

As for today you can vote for our server on such web-sites as:

1. Mmotop. Ссылка для голосования:

2. Q-top. Ссылка для голосования:

3. Mmovote. Ссылка для голосования:

4. Top100arena:

5. XtremeTop100:


7: gtop100:

Statistics on the number of voted players is recollected once in 3 hours and on the base of this statistics rating will be shown on the home page in the format of Top-10 and in the format of Top-100 in the overall list.

The administration of the server ThePW is thankful to all the players voting for our server.

The world must know its heroes!

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