About project

Technical info:

1. The version of the server is 1.3.6

2.3 races: Untamed, Winged Elves, Human

3. Multiplier – x1

4. Dungeons: 19-109

5. Events: Dragon Temple, City of Abominations, Thursday Night Fights, The Battle of Archosaur, Arena, Twilight Temple, Insularum Valley, Forgotten Frostland, Valley of Reciprocity, Secret Hive

Equipment and servers

We use professional server equipment
Active Anticheat enabled
DDoS attacks protection
The founders of the server are adults above 30.
All this points show that we have serious intentions about the server and plan to stay online for a long time.You can trust our team.

Information for players

There is a personal account on the web-site where you can donate and look through the story of donations, change your profile (password), look through the list of your characters and their cards, and choose a nice userbar.

An example of userbar:


A Hall of Fame is realized for players who help us voting for our server in the ratings. As a reward first 10 players get 100 reputation points once in a month but there is no gold for the voting in order not to disbalance economics. It is updated once in three hours.

Also there is a rating of characters published on the web-site which is formed on the base of the level of the characters on the game server. It is updated once in a day.

Information for clans

If you are looking for a qualitative server which will stand for a long time you have found it. There is an opportunity to create and level-up the character and to capture the territories. There is a balanced economy on the server with strict control of the administration. In the nearest future we will be able to suggest for the clans of our server a web-site with domain name - …

And the last but not least there is a program «Green light» on our server which contains the number of bonuses and encouragement for the players who coming with the whole clan. You can look for the bonuses for transferring clans.

The basics

The server represents one of the first versions of the Perfect World. This is classic which purpose ideal combination of races and classes in the background of untouched balance of PvP and sometime enormously hardcore PvE.

On our server you will feel again that powerless despair to exterminate hundreds, thousands of mobs. You will recollect that the Archer is the top damager and Venomancers are considered to be cheaters. You won’t find any rare treasures chest in our shop. Genies and Hyper EXP Stones will remain just in your nightmares.

Feel like a discoverer of the Perfect World again, give yourself a chance to return and reborn a new hero in that old good PW!

What you will find on our server?

Round-the-clock work of the server.
Maximum online of GM team.
Strict control over the violations, the system of bans.
Events which are made by administration like tournaments, GM – events, contests on special dates.
Active participation of administration in social life of gaming society.
Convenient and fast system of feedback.
Absence of paid characters.
There are no items in the game shop which can ruin the balance of the game process.
Strict control of the in-game economics from the administration of the server(gold and in-game currency regulation)