How to start playing ThePW in Perfect World [1.3.6]

To start playing on our server you need to follow three simple steps:

Step 1. Register your account


Step 2. Download game client from the convenient source:

a) English Setup version

Client version for installation as a program with a shortcut (requires updating with a patcher)

Direct Link (Torrent):

Google.Drive (Torrent):
Google.Drive (Archive):
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Download all parts and unpack the first part of the archive into the desired folder (the rest of the parts will be pulled up automatically), launch the launcher via ThePW136_Launcher.exe

b) Unpacked version

Direct Link (Torrent):
Google.Drive (Torrent):

Step 3. Add the folder with the game in the antivirus exception list.


1. After downloading the archive you need to unpack it and launch an installer than follow its instructions.

2. Every time after launching the game our client will check if the last version of the client is installed and automatically upgrade the game to the last version (to save players time and traffic) in order not to download the last version of the client after every update. This is very convenient and rationable.

3. Antivirus and the client of the Perfect World

Attention! Our client is embedded with the Active Anticheat. Antiviruses can conflict with the client on that purpose so for the game to work correct you need to add the folder with the game in the antivirus exception list.

If you do not solve the problem with the antivirus right away you will not be able to play on our server as the anticheat defense will not let you.

We do not recommend shutting down the antivirus completely but adding the folder with the game in the antivirus exception list no more no less.

If you see something like «the server is not available» please contact as through e-mail:, our technical support colleagues will help you. When sending a request try to explain the problem fully and give the screenshots if it is not bother you.

4. Make sure that your computer is suit for the system requirements of the game.

5. If you have some questions you can turn to the forum of the server.

P.S: Welcome to the ThePW server.